• Sherin A. Hylan @ United States
    For people with texture sensitivity, this is fantastic, and it feels wonderful. Last but not least, I love how my artwork looks on the shirt. The colors are very nice, and the artwork looks fabulous.
  • Fotios Pavlopoulos @ Greece
    Finally got my personal Oarttee in my hands! Excellent cloth quality and vivid printing without any compromise in detail. My son and daughter are asking me to design something for them and order ASAP!
  • Denis Marsili @ Argentina
    Truly happy with the quality of the printing, it looks just like the JPG file even with the canvas textures! The colors are amazing and it's hard to believe it's printed when it feels so soft!
  • Ana Antunes @ Argentina
    This T-shirt feels so soft on the skin, the quality is beyond belief, people love it when they see it and I get lots of comments about it. It also feels so comfortable and truly soft when you wear it!
  • Verlie Murphy @ USA
    The colors were spot on! The fabric of the Tee is so soft and I know it is the best fact I have NEVER felt a Tee THIS soft. My family has given it a big WOW also!
  • David Lane @ USA
    What I saw as I took it out of the package, was a work of art. The colors were far richer and truer to my design, than I would ever have believed could be produced on a shirt.
  • Tabitha Jones @ United States
    I "lost" my OArtTee to my son. But I forgive him because it just looks so darn snazzy on him LOL.He wore it to school on Wed. He spent the day having strangers come up and ask him where he got it.
  • Dagmar Marina @ Germany
    I immediately opened it and I was so happy...wooow...woooow...woooow, the T - shirt exceeded all my expectations. Super colors, Super quality and super pressure. I am totally excited.
  • Diane Clancy @ United States
    I am totally pleased with the vibrant, accurate color of the printing, the quality of the T-shirt itself and the overall process of dealing with Oarttee. I would unconditionally recommend Oarttee!
  • Susan Elkin @ United States
    I was amazed at its quality- believe me when I say my fingers were dancing as they glided happily along its fine quality material. You'll feel so comfortable in this Oarttee T-shirt.
  • Syl Tax @ Holland
    Love the colours, love the print, fits perfectly. Fabric feels very nice, also on the skin. It's beautifully stitched (me saying as a trained dressmaker many years ago). Love the neckline.
  • Eva Thomas @ United States
    The print work is beautifully done. The colors are crisp and clean, and there are no ink runs or smudges. The material is soft and feels good against your skin. The fit is true to size and is form fit
  • Carol Vega @ United States
    I had to shout to the world how absolutely wonderful this gift was. The original impression when I opened the mail package was that the packaging looked like something from Neiman-Marcus.
  • Diane Clancy @ United States
    Unbelievable - just unbelievable - the color is amazing!!!
  • Emmanuel Adlain @ United States
    I received a T-shirt and I was pleasantly surprised. The color quality is superior to other forms of T-shirt design. Original painting on a fully printed T-shirt back and front is very innovative.
  • Deanne Flouton @ United States
    I wholly endorse the concept, the process and OArTee for producing an excellent product and look forward to ordering shirts as gifts.
  • Angela Allwine @ United States
    My new OArtTee came today! I am so happy with it. The printing is absolutely amazing. The fabric is so soft and light weight. No irritating tags or seams. So worth the money!
  • Sherin A. Hylan @ United States
    I have tactile allodynia, so I am very sensitive to clothing design and materials. On to the actual material of the shirt, it is an extremely soft and thicker quality material.
  • Peggi Wolfe @ United States
    The shirt is very well made, with good seams and there are not any "missing" areas of print (a problem I have seen with some other shirts I've had done). It is, in a word, fantastic!!
  • Nina May @ California, United States
    I just recieved my OArtTee Shirt. I love the Women's fitted style. The Printing is soft and vibrant! Love the scoop neck and capped sleeve too. I put it on immediately!
  • Brian Raggatt @ United Kingdom
    I am no rag-trade expert, and I have not a clue about threads per inch, cotton types etc. All I DO know is if the material feels like top quality and feels really comfortable on.


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